acceptance. devotion. rejection. perception.

Het fenomeen


What are we?

So, what are we? Where are we from and what are we looking for? :


The source of the power is unknown. It is God. It is light, it’s energy. It is huge, it is in control and everywhere. It is the cause. – Nature is all around us, beautiful. It is our own source, and so our destiny. Nature can save us, it is rich and always there. It’s the shape of the earth. – The body is our ‘shape’, it is alive and therefore vonurable. It is created and limited. It is our weight. – Our soul is complex, it’s building us; our thoughts and emotions. Our soul is eternal.

Along with these facts , there are a few things that can give us directions:


We have to accept that we shall fail in our current way of living, in order to get gain more awareness. Acceptance is freedom, to accept contradistinctions is the first step. – Devote to your own life, pretend a goal. Have faith in your own believes and trust your personal judgment. – Reject anything that can be inconvenient, don’t be afraid of letting go! – The perception of things, the insight. Understanding the rules of the game. The notion, respect, realization, conformation, answers, happiness, peace!

Listening to music and actually hearing music .



.De Natuurtoestand, Oorzaak en Gevolg, lees meer over het Fenomeen.

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